Thermal Imaging


While there is no guarantee that thermal imaging will find everything that is wrong within a home, the technology gets our inspectors closer to giving you the most accurate inspection possible.

Thermal Imaging helps in the detection of:

  • Cold Air Infiltration
  • Some Hidden Structure Items
  • Moisture in Building Materials
  • Location of Plumbing
  • Some Electrical Deficiencies
  • Heating and Cooling Duct Placement
  • Gaps in / Missing Insulation
  • Water Infiltration in Roofing, Walls, or Foundations

Limitations of Thermal Imaging:

  • Thermal imaging can only detect surface temperatures of solid objects
  • Thermal imaging cannot see through walls, but can detect slight variations in the surface temperature of walls
  • Thermal imaging cannot detect the surface temperature of surfaces or materials that reflect light
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