Why You Should Hire A Home Inspector.

For buyers and sellers alike, having a good home inspector examine a property before making any deals can be the difference between swimming in profit or drowning in debt. Hiring a budget inspector may seem cheaper at first, but the problems that they miss will cause you a lot more in the long run. Think about it, would you rather hire a good inspector who will allow you to fix any and all problems at one time, or hire a low-cost inspector who’ll do the bare minimum to get paid and leave you going mad whenever you find a new problem within the property. Benefits to buyers For someone looking to buy a home, spotting problems before finalizing the purchase is crucial, as once the deal is closed, any necessary repairs will come at your personal cost. In contrast, detecting problems before you finalize the deal will allow you to charge any repairs...

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

December has arrived and its just going to keep getting colder out. So getting ready for those winter days is critical to making sure that you are kept toasty Keep Warm This Winter Keeping warm involves making sure that your furnace is in good working order. A broken furnace in the middle of a freezing day is the last thing you want. But if you call a tech then, you'll be behind every other person who waited last second to get their furnace checked or repaired. So before the coldest day in the season hits, it's a good idea to contact a tech to closely inspect your furnace to make sure it is functioning properly. We recommend that you start an annual maintenance regimen with an HVAC company that you can trust. You should also consider reapplying Caulk around your windows. Caulk is a flexible material used to prevent air leakage from happening....

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Home Inspectors

Home Inspections, What They Are and Why You Need One

Home Inspections are an important part of the home buying process. They make the home buying or selling process easier for all parties involved, and provide a sense of security. NSB Property Inspections, LLC. offers quality, thorough home inspections from our skilled home inspectors. Let us take away some of the stress of buying a home or selling your current home, and let us explain why. What is a Home Inspection? First, let us begin by explaining what a home inspection is. A home inspection is a thorough visual and hands on analysis of your home by our certified home inspectors. We make sure to be as accurate as possible in our inspection so we can assure you that any possible issues have been located. An inspection ascertains the status of the home as a whole with individual sections on all components of the home. This will include the roof and all...

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