Home Inspections, What They Are and Why You Need One

Home Inspections are an important part of the home buying process. They make the home buying or selling process easier for all parties involved, and provide a sense of security. NSB Property Inspections, LLC. offers quality, thorough home inspections from our skilled home inspectors. Let us take away some of the stress of buying a home or selling your current home, and let us explain why.

What is a Home Inspection?

First, let us begin by explaining what a home inspection is. A home inspection is a thorough visual and hands on analysis of your home by our certified home inspectors. We make sure to be as accurate as possible in our inspection so we can assure you that any possible issues have been located. An inspection ascertains the status of the home as a whole with individual sections on all components of the home. This will include the roof and all roofing components, and a visual inspection of the structure of the home. Also, we check all visible plumbing for potential problem areas or leaks, thoroughly inspect the electrical system and components for any noticeable safety issues and defects and work our way through the home (room by room) checking all outlets, windows, walls/floors/ceilings for any and all deficiencies. Along with thoroughly inspecting the mechanicals of your home, ie. the air conditioner, water heater, furnace, etc. A home inspection is meant to give you peace of mind in the home you are buying, or some guidance as to what may need to be addressed before or after the sale of the home.


Pre-listing home inspections are often used by sellers to understand any possible defects in the home before putting it up for sale. We go through all the same checks as a traditional home inspection. But for a pre-listing inspection, we provide a FREE recall check on any fixes made based on our report, and a yard sign for marketing to let potential buyers know a home has been pre-inspected and certified as move-in ready.

Who Does a Home Inspection Benefit?

Home Buyers

Home inspections benefit those on both sides of a home purchase. Buyers are especially motivated to get a home inspected before a purchase. A home is a major investment for anyone, so having a competent and knowledgeable home inspector is a must. A home inspection for a buyer helps the buyer understand any possible risks when purchasing a house. The buyer can use that to make an informed decision on the purchase of the home. If something is wrong with the home, a buyer could leverage problems to get a better price, or simply refuse to purchase the property. Regardless of the motive, getting a home inspection on any purchase can only benefit.


Home inspections also benefit sellers. A seller can use a home inspection, or pre-listing inspection, to get a unique view of their house. The report will tell them of any issues with the home that may or may not need to be tended to before the sale. Making adjustments to the home based on a report from one of our amazing home inspectors can really add value to a home, and make potential buyers eager to close the sale. A homeowner should always get their home inspected before putting it on the market.

Why go with NSB Property Inspections, LLC. Home Inspectors?

Now comes the pitch. Why let our home inspectors perform an inspection of your home when there are so many others. The short answer? The quality of service and customer satisfaction. The long answer? We are committed to giving you the most accurate inspection possible in a timely and decisive way. Our home inspectors are certified and trained to give you the best customer service possible. If there are any issues with the home, we will find them. We have years of experience in both inspecting and construction, so you can rest assured our staff has the know-how to perform your inspection expertly. If you’re still not convinced, check our reviews and our customers will tell you why we’re the best in the game. You can’t go wrong with NSB Property Inspections, LLC.


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